Sports and Rec.

This page is for the purpose of updating and informing any activity in the area of Sports and Recreation attaining to Yellow Quill First Nation.

Saskatchewan First Nation Summer Games

NEC Wolves Wrestling Team

On January 23 and 24, the NEC Wolves Wrestling Team travelled to Swift Current Saskatchewan with Coaches Jonathan Smith and Travis Little. The wrestling team competed in Saskatchewan’s largest U14 Wrestling Tournament.  When the day was finally over, every Yellow Quill wrestler had 3 or 4 matches. The results of the competition were as follows:

Jaxson Little – 1st place

Trent Squirrel – 2nd place

Brayden Machiskinic – 3rd place

Dylan Machiskinic – 4th place

Aiden Nashacappo – 4th place

Grant Squirrel – 5th place

They then went to a tournament in La Ronge and narrowly lost the team championships.

Tyson Machiskinic – Gold

Trent Squirrel – Gold

Tyson Kishayinew – Gold

Jaxson Little – Gold

Josh Little – Gold

Teagan Little – Silver

Brecia Quewezance – Silver

Brayden Machiskinic – Bronze

After La Ronge they went to Provincials in Prince Albert on March 28th and March 29th, 2015.

Teegan Little – Gold

Jaxson Little – Gold

Trent Squirrel – Gold

Aiden Nashacappo – Silver

Braydon Machiskinic – Bronze

Tyrone Quewezance – Bronze

Tyson Kishayinew – Bronze

Congratulations to the NEC Wolves Wrestling team!!! Job well done, the Yellow Quill community  is very proud of you, and a very special thank you to NEC Teacher Coaches Jonathan Smith and Travis Little!!!!