Yellow Quill Holdings Vision and Mission

In April 2011, Yellow Quill Holdings and Chief and Council worked in collaboration with McNair Business Developments to facilitate a strategic plan for Yellow Quill Holdings – with a focus on economic development. In our two day session, we were successful in creating a comprehensive strategic plan that is inclusive to a well-defined vision and mission statement, strong corporate values, identified internal opportunity assessment, and key priorities and initiatives.

Yellow Quill Holdings Vision

Yellow Quill Holdings will contribute to the economic and social well-being of Yellow Quill First Nation through economic development, strong management and open and transparent relationships with community leaders, elders and members.

Yellow Quill Holdings Mission

Yellow Quill Holdings strives to become a top 10 First Nations economic development corporation that reflects our unique culture, language and history and is accountable to our community.

Yellow Quill Holdings – Corporate Values

Yellow Quill Holdings Board takes into careful consideration certain core and key values developed for the purpose of assisting Directors to make informed decisions in the operations and management of the company.

Core values that cannot be compromised and are considered essential to Yellow Quill Holdings well-being include:

  • We will pursue economic development and business projects that will create wealth for the Yellow Quill community in the short, medium and long term
  • We will behave honestly, transparently, respectfully and fairly in all business transactions
  • We will seek the guidance of the Yellow Quill elders and form our direction with the aide of their advice, wisdom and experience
  • We will retain our culture and language in business and economic development

Key values represent those elements of importance to the Yellow Quill Holdings business practices but will be evaluated and given priority in accordance with the Board’s need to conduct business and move ahead with opportunity:

  • We will provide consistency and accountability in communications, business transactions, and behaviours
  • We will create new growth and development opportunities for community members and Yellow Quill employees
  • We will be open to change and new ways of thinking
  • We will communicate in a meaningful way with the Yellow Quill Community
  • We will develop and use leading practices in governance and management
  • We will be responsible community members and support our neighbours

A well-defined strategic plan is critical to Yellow Quill Holdings success in reaching its greatest economic potential of wealth creation.