Economic Development - Future

Diversified Economic Portfolio

In recent years, Yellow Quill Holdings has seen a need to expand and diversify its economic portfolio to ensure key business objectives are attained, this includes but is not limited to: long-term streams of income, return on investment, employment for band membership, continued business success off-reserve, fostering positive business relationships with industry and government via strategic partnerships, and new market entry that is conducive to building an on-reserve economy.

Manufacturing Opportunities

In early 2012, Carlton Trail Regional College and SIAST provided a 20 week welding program to 12 Yellow Quill band members  – training was provided at the Archerwill property and was made possible through the Active Measures program by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada. Following completion of the training program, Yellow Quill Holdings anticipates possibilities of manufacturing at this facility.

Resource Opportunities

To make certain the rich history, cultural significance, and sacredness of the traditional lands of the Saulteaux are respected and protected and to ensure various employment and economic opportunities are participated in by Yellow Quill – it was deemed essential that Yellow Quill work with Vancouver based, Saturn Minerals and other Saulteaux communities through Inowending Exploration and Development Corp.

The traditional lands in and around north-eastern Saskatchewan (i.e. Pasquia, Porcupine and Hudson Bay areas) are rich in natural resources and could prove to be a catalyst in wealth creation and prosperity among the various Saulteaux communities.

Strategic Land Acquisitions

In accordance to Yellow Quill’s TLE Framework Agreement, the First Nation has the ability to purchase quantum acres of an additional 100,000 acres of land as TLE and eventual conversion to reserve status.

To make certain all current and future land considerations are carefully scrutinized as investments – it is imperative that our land purchases take into consideration potential for resources and surface opportunities such as agriculture leasing. Strategic land acquisitions must be aligned to our core values; mission statement; and objectives as it relates to the resource sector.

Core Values

  • We will pursue economic development and business projects that will create wealth for the Yellow Quill community in the short, medium and long term.
  • We will behave honestly, transparently, respectfully and fairly in all business transactions.
  • We will seek the guidance of the Yellow Quill elders and form our direction with the aide of their advice, wisdom and experience.
  • We will retain our culture and language in business and economic development.


Yellow Quill Holdings strives to become a top 10 First Nations economic development corporation that reflects our unique culture, language and history and is accountable to our community.


  • Net Benefit Test – all land acquisitions must meet certain established criteria that allows Yellow Quill to make an informed decision before a commitment can be made to purchase.  For simplicity, the NBT will take into consideration a myriad of critical factors that must be met before an offer can be considered.
  • Risk – to identify, mitigate and manage risk, this includes determining various qualitative/quantitative factors that make up the NBT (i.e. financial risk, market risk, environmental risk, political risk, etc.)
  • Corporate Governance Model – one that is removed from political agenda, influence and interference.
  • Current Role – act in the capacity as a land purchaser for purposes of strategic investment.  For Yellow Quill to eventually move from a passive role to that of a more active capacity in resource economic development.
  • Process for Decision Making: asset approval process must be timely, responsive and responsible by Yellow Quill.  The following provides a very brief overview of the process to follow with respect to land acquisitions:

  • Commitment: to foster accountability in all areas of business operations and management.
  • Best Value: to maximize the best possible return on investment for our shareholders – Yellow Quill membership.
  • Collaboration: work with resource exploration companies that embrace a business model that takes into consideration the Yellow Quill land acquisition strategy.