Yellow Quill Bison Ranch

Yellow Quill Bison Ranch is owned by the Yellow Quill First Nation.  The current number of Bison to date is 68, includes the bulls and calves. The bison ranch is situated on 320 acres of pasture land. Through funding provided by the Band, the Bison ranch employs 2-3 people seasonally for which they assist with the fence maintenance of the pasture and the hauling of bales from other fields.  It normally takes about 160 to 200 bales for feed for the bison for which these bales are from TLE land selections.

Yellow Quill Store

Yellow Quill Store provides full service gas and diesel, grocery products, confectionary foods and tobacco products to meet your every day needs. Yellow Quill Store employees 10 band members and operates its own Post office, and provides weekly draws.

Post Office hours are from 10 am – 3 pm.

Yellow Quill Store is open 7 days a week; 364 days a year with the exception of Christmas Day (the only day it’s closed):

Hours of Operation: Weekdays are from 9 am – 10 pm; weekends and holidays are from 9 am – 9 pm.

Upcoming Store projects:

*Yellow Quill Store will be opening a fast food area, funded by Dakota Dunes Casino, without their contribution we would have not made this possible.*

For more information on the Yellow Quill Store: Phone (306) 322-2156 Fax (306) 322-2158 Email: yellowquillstore@yourlink.ca

Yellow Quill Robert Neapetung Memorial Water Treatment Plant

On Treaty Day at Yellow Quill, which was held on June 10, 2011, there was a grand opening of the water treatment plant on-reserve. The new state of the art facility was named after the late Robert Neapetung for his many years of operating the former water treatment plants which existed within Yellow Quill. The current Robert Neapetung Memorial Water Treatment Plant replaces the previous plant that was destroyed in a fire in January 2010. The plant’s capacity more than meets the needs of Yellow Quill’s residential community.


Prior to 2004, Yellow Quill First Nation was under a boil water advisory for over 9 years due to the poor water source and inefficient treatment equipment. The Safe Drinking Water Foundation (SDWF) was contacted by concerned citizens of Yellow Quill First Nation and the SDWF principle scientist, Dr. Hans Peterson, intervened and undertook a nearly two yearlong research endeavor where he lived on the reserve and tested, developed, and piloted various treatment processes.


Thus marked the inception of the Integrated Biological Reverse Osmosis Membrane (IBROM) system and the removal of the nearly decade long boil water advisory. To learn more about the IBROM system please visit the SDWF website at www.sdwf.org. The current Robert Neapetung Memorial Water Treatment Plant uses the same technology to treat the existing ground water to produce high quality drinking water.

Yellow Quill Health Centre

“We are here to meet the preventive needs of the community, to address your concerns and help problem-solve when issues arise”.

Yellow Quill Health Centre provides a wide range of health services, programs, and offers support to all Band Members. For more information and general inquiries please contact:

Cindy Clarke – Health Program Manager

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Health Centre Direct Line: (306) 322 – 2041 Fax: (306) 322 -5970