Yellow Quill Holdings Inc.

About Us

In 1992, Yellow Quill First Nation sign the Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE) Framework Agreement with the Governments of Saskatchewan and Canada. This TLE Framework is an agreement for Yellow Quill First Nation to buy and designate land with reserve status, expanding the TLE land base in rural and urban areas. Yellow Quill Holdings Inc. was developed to manage the funds and lands related to the TLE.

Today, Yellow Quill Holdings Inc. oversees a variety of economic development initiatives purchased by yellow Quill TLE on behalf of Yellow Quill First Nation. As a Trust, we are responsible for planning and managing TLE resources. Through the values of transparency and sound management, TLE Trustees operate Yellow Quill Holdings, generating benefits for band members and stewarding the land for future generations.

The work of Yellow Quill Holdings and the investments we make are for the benefit of all Yellow Quill band members living on and off-reserve. No matter where we reside, our community takes care of each other, mourns with each other, and celebrates with each other. Yellow Quill Holdings provides support to Yellow Quill membership with the guidance of the Community Assistance Policy. This policy provides assistance with the cost of wakes and funerals, sports and recreation, as well as workforce and emergency assistance.